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Product Image Bats and IPM

Bats and IPM

R 7,035.00

The EcoSolutions Bat Bank comprises of three different bat house designs and is ideal for attracting most of the crevice roosting bats found in your farm. The three designs provide a wider range for potential bat species occupation and also allow bats a greater range for preference within the same species.

Bat bank installation:
6-Chamber Bat Box: R1 380.00
Old George Bat Box: R 1 380.00
Nursery Bat Box: R1 380.00
Gum pole: R290.00 x 2 = R580.00
Crossbeam: R160.00 x 2 = R320.00
Guano Tray: R620.00
Labour: R 1 375.00

Total: R 7 035.00

Kindly note there is an additional travel cost of R3.90/km if you are more than 50km from our offices in Randpark Ridge.